About Us (me)

What is Chasing Square?  Chasing Square is a one man letterpress print shop run by me - Matt Anderton.  I also do custom design (which I then print for you).  A bunch of what I do is custom invitations – mostly wedding related, but I also design/print other stuff, like business cards and personal stationery.  I’m also slowly but surely creating a line (or two or three) of greeting cards.

How did you get started?  A few years ago I had the extremely good fortune to meet a wonderful and talented printer – Shelley Barandes of Albertine Press in Somerville, MA.  It was a few weeks after getting laid off from my job as an Account Executive at a large advertising agency, and I’ve been there ever since.  I’m the print manager there now, but as Shelley is an extremely generous person, she doesn’t mind if I do my own thing on the side as well.  I work out of the Albertine Press space, printing my own designs and products – mostly on weekends.

Why letterpress?  I have a background in design (an undergraduate degree in industrial design actually) which is where I found my passion for making stuff.  I find great satisfaction in the process of creating custom designs for clients and seeing it through the final printing process.  One at a time, printing by hand, mixing the inks, making sure every detail is perfect… at the end, its a wonderful feeling to see the huge smile on the other end.

Ok, terrific…I’m getting married and I need invitations… so, how much?  That really does depend on a few specifics – design, number of colors, quantity, paper, etc.  I’m happy to consult over the phone or email and I can get you a quote within 24 hours.

I have my own design that I want you to print, is that cool?  Of course!  I’m quite happy to print your existing design.  In fact, I do that quite often.  You’ll see examples on here from such awesome designers as:
Timm Fair
Carolyn Sewell
Michael Lassiter

Please feel free to contact me any time at: 


I work out of the Albertine Press studio space:
561 Windsor Street, Suite #B203
Somerville, MA 02143