The finished product first, of course!
 First we start with black ink
 Ink up the press...
 It's a big boy, 2600lbs of 1960's glory
 Let it ink up nicely for a bit
 The first plate stuck to the base (with some ink on it)
 The first of 5 runs coming off the press
 Looks good - only 2000 more of this run to go
 Ok, we have cleaned the black off the press, now on to the second run...yellow!
 The press is inked up, the second plate is aligned and we are ready for the second run.
 oh, he's so unamused
 Time to clean off the yellow for the third run
 The hat, press mark and inside words will be printed in red
 The first of two red runs
 second red run coming of the press
 a look at the words on the base in the press
 with the color printing done, the press is cleaned, rollers are removed and a score run is set up. The score helps to fold the cards properly.
 The score looks good and that will be that!
 now to fold, pair with envelopes, package and ship.
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