About Us (me)

What is Chasing Square?  
Chasing Square is a one man letterpress print business run by me - Matt Anderton.  I also do custom design (which I then print for you).  A bunch of what I do is custom invitations – mostly wedding related, but I also design/print other stuff, like business cards and personal stationery.  I also have a few items in my online shop from time to time. You can check out a gallery of the printing process here

How did you get started?
A few years ago I had the extremely good fortune to meet a wonderful and talented printer – Shelley Barandes of Albertine Press in Somerville, MA. We met just a few weeks after I was laid off from my job as an Account Executive at a large advertising agency, so the timing was perfect. I loved letterpress printing immediately. I started as an unpaid intern, learned the trade and worked up to become the Print Manager of the shop. I was there for more than 6 years and loved every minute. Eventually I went back to the advertising world and now work in academia. I still have my press at the shop and work out of the Albertine Press space (mostly on weekends), printing my own designs and products, other designers' work and the occasional corporate piece.

Why letterpress?  
I have a background in design (an undergraduate degree in industrial design actually) which is where I found my passion for making stuff.  I find great satisfaction in the process of creating custom designs for clients and seeing it through the final printing process.  One at a time, printing by hand, mixing the inks, making sure every detail is perfect… at the end, its a wonderful feeling to see the huge smile on the other end.

Ok, terrific…I’m getting married and I need invitations… so, how much?  
That really does depend on a few specifics – design, number of colors, quantity, paper, etc.  I’m happy to consult over the phone or email and I can get you a quote within 24 hours.

I have my own design that I want you to print, is that cool?
Of course!  I’m quite happy to print your existing design.  In fact, I do that quite often.  You’ll see examples on here from such awesome designers as:
Timm Fair
Carolyn Sewell
Michael Lassiter

Please feel free to contact me any time at: 


I work out of the Albertine Press studio space:
561 Windsor Street, Suite #B203
Somerville, MA 02143